24 Best Places To Propose In Vancouver British Columbia

Looking for the best places to propose in Vancouver?

Born and raised in Vancouver, I’ll share all the stunning locations around the city to help you find your perfect place to propose.

Vancouver is a picturesque city known for its stunning landscapes, making it an ideal destination for a memorable proposal.

Whether you prefer breathtaking natural beauty or urban charm, Vancouver offers many enchanting locations to pop the question.

Best Places To Propose In Vancouver

Here are all the best places to propose in Vancouver, both in and around the city.

1. Engagement Rings (Sunset Beach)

One of the best sunset spots in Vancouver is Sunset Beach. The beach has a stunning backdrop for a romantic proposal with its picturesque views of the ocean and vibrant sunsets.

There’s a location at Sunset Beach with two diamond engagement ring sculptures. They stand 30 feet tall and will make an excellent and proper proposal location. 

2. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the biggest park in Vancouver. There are many things to do in Stanely Park and private or exposed locations for you to propose.

Some ideas for a proposal location are Prospect Point, a beautiful romantic scene when the sunsets at night, along the Seawall but on the West side of the park because the sun will be setting in the background.

TheΒ Stanley Park Rose GardenΒ is another beautiful location during the Spring when the flowerbeds are in full bloom. Or visit the Vancouver Aquarium and propose in front of a tank full of jellyfish.

Side view of part of Stanley Park. The winding Seawall is on the edge of the park with the ocean metting it and trees on the otherside. There's the part of the skyline of buildings in the backgorund. Stanley Park in Vancouver has many private and open spots to propose to you significant other.

3. Queen Elizabeth Park

Another beautiful location is Queen Elizabeth Park. On top of the highest hill and in the heart of Vancouver, the stunning park is one of the best places to propose in Vancouver.

The Queen Elizabeth Quarry Garden is a stunning spot with beautifully arranged flowerbeds. The Rose Garden of QE Park is another proposed location amongst the roses and other flowerbeds. Or inside the Bloedel Conservatory, with lush tropical plants and many tropical bird species.

Sunny day with many plants, trees, pond, and well maintained cut grass in the large garden. Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the beat places to propose in Vancouver.

4. Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Not far away from Queen Elizabeth Park is Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. There are many gardens to propose inside, such as the Meditation Gardenthe Maze, or, if you’re visiting in winter, during Glow in the Garden, where the gardens are lit with twinkling Christmas lights.

5. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Suppose you’re looking for a more private location to propose. In that case, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is an excellent spot with water, plants, and rocks with mini lookout points.

6. Deer Lake Park

Another large park located in Burnaby is Deek Lake Park. It is a more open park with areas that have places to propose, such as the fishing dock where lilypads surround the water.

Century Gardens is another location that is beautiful during the Spring. Or along any of the trails in Deer Lake that will feel like a forest in the middle of a city.

7. Burnaby Mountain Park

Burnaby Mountain Park is where locals like to come and watch the sunset during the summer. The wide-open area has few private spots. However, the sunsets are beautiful.

Sunset at Burnaby Mountain Park with Kamui Mintara Playground of the Gods. It looks like carved tree stumps in pairs staggered from each other. With one long one resting on to of two with one going across.

8. UBC Botanical Gardens

UBC Botanical Gardens has many locations that you can propose inside. There’s a lookout point called Ting Lookout, a small gazebo where you can see the beautiful sunset. Or along the many paths within the Garden.

9. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge has well many suspension bridges. The main 137 feet long suspension bridge can be a unique location to propose to your significant other.

There are other locations in the park, such as the Treetop Adventure, the Cliffwalk, or during the winter Canyon Lights when the entire park is lit up in Christmas lights.

10. Lynn Valley

Lynn Valley has a smaller suspension bridge. However, the trail leads to a 30-foot pool with rocks and glacier water in the background. It is a popular swimming hole in the summer, but during the fall, you might get a chance with nobody around or swimming in the area.

11. Lighthouse Park

A local spot in West Vancouver is Lighthouse Park. There’s a spot where you can propose on the rocks while the sun sets in the background, with Vancouver off in the distance.

Another option is to walk around the loops trails within the park and find the perfect spot among the old-growth trees.

Large rocks on the edge of the ocean with a white and red top lighthouse inthe dstiance on a sunny day. Lighthouse Park is a stunning sunset proposal location.

12. Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park, during low tide, you can walk out to Whyte Islet, a scenic rock viewing point that many people like to climb to the top of to watch the sunset or ferries coming and going.

Proposing Further Out Of Vancouver

These are some proposal locations outside of Vancouver.

13. Golden Ears Provincial Park

Suppose you’re an outdoorsy couple who loves camping, hiking, or being adventurous. In that case, Golden Ears Provincial Park has trails and hikes leading to fantastic viewpoints and waterfalls.

On top of a snowy summit. You c an see more mountain ranges with snow peaks. Golden Ears is another place in Vancouver with excellent view to propose.

14. Porteau Cove Proincial Park

If you’re looking for a spontaneous proposal, Porteau Cove Provincial Park has a few spots to propose on the rocks or the dock.

In addition, if you want to celebrate your engagement by staying the night, the Olympic Legacy Cabins are cozy glamping cabins you can stay in at Porteau Cove.

15. Shannon Falls

Another fantastic proposed location is an easy hike to the Shannon Falls viewing platform. Shannon Falls during the fall or spring is when it looks at its best because of the amount of rain we get during those seasons.

16. Stawamus Chief

The Stawamus Chief, or as we locals call it, β€œThe Chief,” is a three-peak moderate hike that will take about the entire day to complete. You don’t have to hike to the third peak, as there are options to turn around after the first and second peaks.

A massive granite rock on the side of the road with bushes and trees at the bottom. The Chief is a moderate hiking spot to a beautiful view perfect for a proposal.

17. Squamish

The Squamish Spit & Estuary is a gravel pathway with stunning panoramic views and many bird species. It is a spot where the Squamish Windsport Society hangout and surfs the wind, so remember that people may be there to windsurf.

There are many hiking locations around Squamish if you want somewhere to propose on a mountaintop.

18. Garibaldi

Speaking of proposing on mountain tops, Garibaldi is a beautiful location to propose to someone. Suppose you both are experienced hikers, that is. Hike to these locations, such as Garibaldi Lake or Mt. Price. Or, if you want to have a more challenging hike, The Black Tusk.

The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake, and Mt. Price are not amateur hiking locations. They are all rated as intermediate to difficult hikes, and they do take all day to complete or even overnight if you’re considering The Black Tusk.

A light blue massive lake surrounded by mountains. Garibaldi Provincial Park is an excellent spot to propose if you are both experienced hikers.

19. Whistler

Somewhere more straightforward for those who don’t hike or want to hike in Whistler. There are many lakes around Whistler, including trails and beach areas. Some lakes in the area are Lost LakeGreen Lake, and Nita Lake.

If you snowboard or ski, you can also propose on top of Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain during the winter. You can also celebrate at some of the best ski-in and ski-out hotels in Whistler.

There are also excellent places to propose in Whistler as well.

20. Okanagan

If you plan on staying for an extended period, say, seven days in Vancouver, I recommend the Okanagan. Not only is the Okanagan a one-of-a-kind desert in the world, but also the wine capital of British Columbia, so you and your significant other can celebrate after as well.

21. Special Place Meaningful To You Two

If you and your significant other have been to Vancouver before and have a special spot you enjoy, proposing there will make it more meaningful to both of you.

In addition, when in doubt, propose in a way that is meaningful to you and your partner. It does not have to be lavish and out there. It also can be intimate but not overdone. Don’t overthink it! You got this.

Luxurious Suggestions

If you want to go all out for your engagement, here are a couple of suggestions.

22. Helicopter Ride

Suppose you’re looking for something intimate but different to do outside the city or hiking. There are options for helicopter rides in Vancouver and Whistler, with specific packages for engagements during a helicopter ride.

23. Charter A Yacht Or Boat

If you’re looking for something extremely private but want to go all out on the proposal, chartering a yacht or a boat during the sunset will be an excellent idea.

24. All Out With Decorations

Something that could be done in a simple space, such as your home, the beach, or a rooftop, instead of finding the perfect spot. Make the spot by going out with decorations like balloons, candles, flowers, rose petals on the floor, etc.

Where To Stay In Vancouver

If you’re looking for romantic hotels in Vancouver, here are a few suggestions.

πŸ’Ž Luxury Hotel – Rosewood Hotel Georgia

βœ… Impeccable Hospitality
βœ… Excellent Location

The Rosewood Hotel Georgia seamlessly provides a sophisticated location in the city center. Renowned for its exceptional service and atmosphere, the hotel stands as a symbol of luxury in Vancouver.

πŸ’Ž Luxury Hotel Fairmont Pacific Rim

βœ… Full-Service Spa
βœ… Multiple Dining Options

The Fairmont Pacific Rim provides a contemporary and comfortable stay, featuring stylish design and expansive views of the city and mountains, and offers efficient service and convenient access to Vancouver’s attractions.

βš–οΈ Mid-Range Hotel – Hotel BLU

βœ… Free WIFI
βœ… Complimentary Bike Rentals

Hotel BLU provides a convenient central location, essential amenities, and complimentary WiFi. The hotel is committed to eco-friendly practices, offering paperless check-in.


As you can see, while these are mainly ideas for places to propose in Vancouver, you can choose anywhere in the city that resonates with you and your partner. It’ll be a special moment regardless of where you decide to propose.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Have a good day πŸ™‚

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