31 Best Souvenirs From Canada To Bring Home

Eh! Looking for the best souvenirs from Canada?

Being a Canadian, I have been asked many times what the best Canadian souvenirs would be to give back home to someone from when I was working in customer service and co-workers from different countries.

There are so many unique gifts from Canada that you can bring home, such as a classic Canadian toque (beanie) or the number one product Canada is known for, maple syrup.

These are some of the things you can only buy in Canada, and in this blog post, I’ll list everything you can get all over the country. Now let’s get into all the best souvenirs from Canada.

Best Souvenirs From Canada

Sometimes, you can’t take certain things on an airplane or across land borders, which is understandable. But don’t worry; most of these items are small enough or approved to bring overseas. You can even order it online and have it delivered to their home.

1. Pure Canadian Maple Syrup (Maple Everything)

Of course, the top of this list is maple syrup. The holy grail of Canada! Okay, that was dramatic, but Canadians love our maple syrup.

You can use maple syrup in cooking, for example, maple-glazed salmon or the traditional way — also my favourite way, maple syrup on pancakes.

Stack pancakes with maple syrup drizzled on top and falling onto the plate. There are three slices of strawberries on top with a toothpick Canada flag. Pure maple syrup is the best souvenir from Canada to bring home.

There are some other maple-flavoured items you can also buy in Canada.

Maple comes in more than liquid forms. Maple tea is another item you can bring back for the tea lover. It doesn’t have an overpowering maple syrup flavour, but the hint is there.

Yes, maple leaf-shaped cookies are a thing, and they’re delicious. It’s like a sandwich but with cookies. A maple syrup-flavoured cream fills the middle of the cookie. I recommend having a maple leaf cookie with some milk.

Maple candies are an easy Canadian souvenir to bring back home. There are two different types: pure maple syrup and ones made with pure maple syrup and butter.

2. Salmon (Smoked Salmon)

Salmon is abundant in Canada and is eaten quite often. You can go to almost any grocery store with salmon for sale. If you want to try fresh salmon or know someone who loves salmon, the province with the best salmon is British Columbia.

Smoked salmon is a thin fillet cured by either hot or cold smoke. You can buy smoked salmon lox (cold) from grocery stores, which tastes excellent on a bagel or toast with cream cheese.

If you want to bring some smoked salmon home, check locally for it in souvenir shops and Duty Free at the airport and land borders, as those might be approved for cross-border travel.

There are two bagels sliced in half on two black boards. Both have creamcheese and green onion, one has salmon lox on it. There are some decorative elements too such as and egg, green onion stocks, and a shallot.

3. Ice Wine

Canadian ice wine is a type of dessert wine that you can find at almost any Canadian liquor store.

Ice wine is different because the grapes are frozen while still on the vine. The water in the grapes freezes, but the concentrated sugars don’t, thus giving it a sweeter flavour when pressed.

Other Canadian Alcohol:

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal is something Canadians grew up drinking. It’s a standard whisky, and I have to credit the design of the bottle for making it look more expensive than it is. But everyone back home doesn’t need to know that!

You can buy Crown Royal bottles at any local liquor store or Duty Free.

A man in a suit holding a Crown Royal bottle in his hand while sitting.


The are many vineyards all over Canada. However, you’re looking for wine tours. In that case, I recommend visiting the Okanagan in British Columbia, as there are many award-winning vineyards and many Okanagan wine tours.

There are also multiple varieties of wines to choose from at local liquor stores or the Duty Free.

4. Toque

A toque is a hat with brims or no brims that covers your head. No, it’s not a beanie! At least for other Canadians and me.

Regardless, they keep your head warm in the winter, and there are different types of Canadian designs for a toque to bring home.

A women with a light blue jacket in the snow cover forest wearing a black toque.

5. Chocolates

You can buy many types of general candy store chocolate from all over the country.

Coffee Crisps is an exclusive treat that you can only find in Canada. They’re one of my favourite chocolate bars.

They’re soft, crunchy bars with a milk chocolate layer on the outside, alternating wafers, and foam-like coffee-flavoured chocolate on the inside.

The photo shows a double-double. To me it tastes the same as a regular Coffee Crisp, it was new so we had to try it of course.

A Nestle brand called Coffee Crisp only in Canada (this one is a double double but it tastes the same as a regular). It's a red package and wording with a yellow box behind the name.

Smarties are Canadian children’s favourites. They’re small chocolates with different colour coatings on the outside.

Smarties are a fantastic gift if you’re looking for a Canadian souvenir gift for children but remember to buy a box for yourself!

6. Purdy’s Chocolatier

Purdy’s Chocolatier was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s one of the best and most popular companies to buy an assortment of quality chocolates.

If you’re planning to stay in Vancouver for the first time, I recommend stopping at Purdy’s (various locations) if you want something to buy for a chocolate lover.

Blue chocolate box with assorted shapes of chcolates inside. Some are circles, rectangles, and squares. There are some outside of the box for decorative purposes.

7. Lay’s Ketchup Chips

Lay’s Ketchup Chips are another specialty snack found only in Canada. I’m a chip monster, so I love almost every chip flavour. However, Lay’s ketchup can be a hit or miss for some people. It tastes like ketchup, but it’s sweeter than other ketchup chips.

However, it’s worth a try, especially if you’re into chips like me. Small and larger bags are available in every grocery or corner store.

8. Ruffles

Ruffles must be among my top 10 favourite chips and another Canadian food souvenir option. The best way I can describe the flavour of Ruffles is that it’s smokey and savoury with a hint of sweetness. You’ll have to try them to know what I mean.

Again, like Lay’s ketchup chips, you can find Ruffles in small or big bags in any grocery store or corner store.

A blue Ruffles All Dressed (French Assaisonnees). There's wavy chips on the front with a vinegar bottle a pepper and onion.

9. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo bars are named after the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. They’re a delicious, sweet, three-layer dessert with smooth chocolate on the top, custard icing in the middle, and the bottom has a mixture of coconut, wafer, and nut crumbs.

Though they may be harder to find on the East Coast, Nanaimo bars can be found at almost any local coffee shop in British Columbia. You can also buy a box of the mixture to take home with you at a grocery store.

Dessert called Nanaimo bars are a Canadian favourite dessert orginated on Vancouver Island. Smooth chocolate on top with yellow butter and custard powder in the middle, crush graham crackers and nuts mixed with choclate at the bottom. Cut into small squares.

10. Butter Tarts

Now, butter tarts are all the rage if you’re looking for something to eat or bring home that is popular on the East Coast. I grew up on the West Coast, so I prefer Nanaimo bars, but to each their own.

Butter tarts are sweet pastries filled with butter, sugar, syrup, and eggs. They’re baked until the outer shell of the pastry is semi-solid to give it that crunch on top. Sometimes they’re also filled with raisins, pecans, or walnuts.

A four on bottom and one on top small Butter Tarts. There's a Canada flag in the top one. It's sitting on a silver tray and red and white maple leaf cloth as decor in the background.

11. Kraft Dinner, a.k.a KD

Kraft Dinner is something that many Canadian children love to eat. I like to eat KD once in a while. It’s mac n cheese in a box that requires simple and minimal cooking. Grab a box as a Canadian souvenir gift to children.

Super size (French Grand Format) with +50% more KD (French plus de KD) Blue Kraft Dinner original box. There is a fork holding a small scoop of KD. And the information on the bottom saying no artifical perservatives, flavours and colours and made with real cheese.

12. Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons is another one of Canada’s staples. Even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you can always bet that there is a Tim Hortons around you — I’m not kidding.

A Tim Hortons to go red coffee cup and a box of Timbits.

The most popular thing you can get at Tim Hortons is coffee. A double-double* is the best seller when buying anything off their menu.

Remember to bring a piece of Tim Horton’s coffee home to that coffee lover!

You also have to grab a box of Timbits. No, they’re not called doughnut holes here.

13. Plaid Button Up Or Anything Plaid

Want to be a classic Canuck? The ultimate Canadian move is buying a red and black plaid-style flannel or button-up.

I guarantee if you’re ever travelling around in Canada during the Fall, you’ll likely spot a or many Canadians out and about wearing a red and black plaid flannel or button-up.

14. Canadian T-Shirt

The most specific Canadian souvenir you can buy is a classic Canadian T-shirt. You’ll be able to find many different styles and designs of T-shirts.

However, if you want to do the most Canadian-like t-shirt, you have to get something with an animal on the shirt. Or you can always go for the classic “I Heart Canada” t-shirt.

15. (Ice) Hockey Jersey

Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport. Canadians live and breathe hockey. So it’s only fitting that a hockey jersey is one of the best souvenirs in Canada you can buy.

You can typically find hockey jerseys at almost every apparel store (especially during the Olympics or when Canadian teams are playing). I suggest buying one in a store that sells authentic ones.

Usually, if you’re by an arena, there’s a team store attached to the arena or somewhere close by; they’ll always sell authentic jerseys.

A Mario Lemieux 66 Pittsburg Penguins jersey and Wayne Gretzky 99 jersey. Both are retired professional hockey players and famous in all of Canada and the hockey world.

16. Location Sweaters

I love the idea of never enough sweaters. Province or city sweaters are something I would love to buy for myself or someone back home as a souvenir.

Buying something with a province or city name is also unique because nobody back home will have the same sweater. Usually, local souvenir gift shops would have them or sometimes small businesses.

17. Indigenous Art

Indigenous art is always beautiful and colourful and tells a story. I recommend purchasing authentic artwork made by a local Indigenous artist in whichever province you visit.

Always note that when buying art, double-check that you’re purchasing an authentic piece that an Indigenous artist made. Also check if there is information attached to the picture about the artist.

Sometimes there are locally owned shops, pop-up shops, or farmer’s markets with local artisans selling their pieces.

💡 Note: If you’re visiting Vancouver. I recommend checking out Granville Island as they have many stores with authentic and locally made Indigenous art, jewelry, clothing, carvings, etc.

18. Shot Glasses

You can’t go wrong with shot glasses. I have brought home shot glasses for friends on my travels and received shot glasses as gifts. Shot glasses are also easy to fit into a suitcase. But remember to wrap them up in clothing so they don’t break!

19. Canadian Magnets

A cheaper alternative is buying Canadian-themed magnets. Everyone will put a magnet on their refrigerator or elsewhere when they need a magnet.

20. Coasters

I love using coasters for my coffee table. It’s another excellent option to bring home coasters as a gift from Canada. They don’t break the bank either and are relatively easy to transport.

21. For The Kitchen Items

There are some kitchen items that you can pick up at souvenir stores with Canadian-theme kitchen items, such as dishcloths; they’re lightweight and can be taken back onto a plane. There are many different types. I have seen some with Canadian slang or jokes or animals that live in Canada.

Bottle openers are easy to transport, small, is inexpensive. Ticks off all the boxes if you want a simple gift from Canada.

An apron would be an excellent souvenir from Canada if you have an avid chef or cook in your life or for yourself. I’ve seen some fantastic Canadian-themed aprons.

22. Specialty Mugs

The classic mug gift. If you intend to gift something simple or look for someone who is a hard-to-shop-for-gift type of person, a Canadian-designed specialty mug is a way to go.

Starbucks mugs are another great option because most Starbucks have different city mugs. If you have a Starbucks mug collector lover or want something easy, I recommend picking one at a local Starbucks.

Province mugs are another gift that travellers can buy after they visit Canada. They’re an excellent option because they typically have their most tourist-visited or well-known landmarks on the cup.

A red Canada mug with a maple leaf and badge looking design saying "est. 1867" and "True North" and it's sitting in a stream.

23. The Hudson Bay Blanket

First, Hudson Bay has a history in Canada as part of being in the fur trade, but that’s a different story for another day. Nowadays it’s a department store.

The Bay blanket is distinctive to Canadians and one of the more pricey gifts you can bring back from Canada.

It’s a beige blanket with blue, yellow, red, and green stripes that mirror each other on the sides of the blanket. Make sure to buy an authentic one from The Bay.

24. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are always out for sale every day of the year at local souvenir shops. So you can find one to take home for someone or your own Christmas tree.

25. Stuffed Animals

Canada has many common animals you can see around the country; some make excellent stuffed animals.

The beaver is Canada’s national animal. So buying a beaver stuffed animal as a souvenir gift for someone back home would be perfect.

Moose crossing! I’m not kidding; there are moose crossing signs on Canada’s rural sections of highways. A moose is another of Canada’s beautiful wildlife animals and a great stuffy to take home as a gift. But watch out in real life; they’re faster and beefier than they look.

A polar bear is another iconic animal that lives further up North in Canada. These bears that live in the Arctic are vital to Canadian wildlife. A polar bear stuffed animal is one of the more popular stuffed animals people tend to buy when looking for Canadian souvenir gifts.

Black bears are more common and roam throughout all of Canada. They’re the ones who are brave enough to go through our garbage bins outside – again, I’m not kidding; there are many new articles out there about that. But they’re cute as stuffed animals!

Grizzly bears, on the other hand, mostly live in Western Canada. They’re more dangerous and much bigger than black bears. But, again, they’re vital to Canada’s ecosystem. As stuffed animals, they’re harmless and incredibly soft.

Wolves – are different than coyotes. Canada supports the second-largest grey wolf population in the world. If you’re looking for a gift for a younger child, a wolf stuffed animal is perfect.

26. Canada Flag

A Canadian flag can be big or small. Easy to pack into a suitcase and ready to bring back home. Nothing says Canada more than bringing home a souvenir flag.

27. Collectable Coins

In Canada, our coins and bills are collectible themselves. Sometimes they’re in circulation, and you can find collectable coins out and about.

However, I would check out Canada Post or the Royal Canadian Mint if you want something more expensive and fancy.

28. Keychains

Keychains are another cheap Canadian souvenir gift you can find at every local souvenir shop.

A Canada keychain with a red, yellow, and black maple leaves on top of the word Canada. There are also real maple leaves in the photo too.

29. Pins

Pins are another inexpensive gift to give to someone back home, especially if you know a pin collector. The most popular pin you’ll probably find is a Canada flag pin.

A small Canada flag pin. There's also coins, a mug and map for decor.

30. Canadian Theme Stamps

Stamps may be old school. But there are some beautiful Canadian stamps that you can purchase from any Canada Post store or online.

31. Postcards

Postcards are another old-school souvenir but still something that many people still love to send. You can pick up many postcards at a local Canadian souvenir shop, or Canada Post has a few options.

Where Can I Buy Canadian Souvenirs?

You could buy Canadian souvenirs in local souvenir shops. But buying locally is the best way to get the most authentic Canadian gifts. Plus, you’re supporting local Canadians!

However, there are other places you can buy local souvenirs from Canada, such as farmer’s markets, local small businesses in smaller towns, craft fairs, and local sports games.

Best Souvenirs From Canada — FAQs

These are some frequently asked questions about souvenirs from Canada.

What Are 3 Products Canada Is Known For?

The three products Canada is known for are (pure Canadian-made) Maple Syrup, Ketchup Chips, and Nanaimo Bars.

What Are 2 Things Canada Is Famous For?

Two things Canada is famous for are (Ice) Hockey and Tim Hortons.

What is the best souvenir food from Canada?

Well, you can’t bring back poutine, so I would have to say any snacks or candies that are only made in Canada, such as Lays Ketchup Chips, Smarties, or Coffee Crisp.


These were the best souvenirs from Canada you can buy. As a Canadian, these items are on my list of things I would gift or suggest someone gift someone back home. I hope you found something on this list you could give someone back home.

Have a good day 🙂