Is Gibsons BC Worth Visiting? Reasons & Things To Do

Are you wondering is Gibsons BC worth visiting?

As someone who has been to Gibsons before and lives a ferry ride away, I know it may be a small town, but I can help you figure out whether Gibsons is worth visiting.

Gibsons, British Columbia, previously known as Gibsons Landing, is beautiful, and the waterfront is only steps away.

As I mentioned, it’s a small town, but there are still things to do and see in the gateway to the Sunshine Coast.

Is Gibsons BC Worth Visiting

The quick answer is yes, Gibsons is worth visiting.

Gibsons is a coastal town with beauty and a laid-back community. The small town is surrounded by mountains and bodies of ocean from the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound.

Walking along the waterfront and exploring the streets filled with galleries and shops.

Beyond its picturesque landscape, Gibson’s has a thriving artistic community, with local talents showcased in various galleries and studios.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love all the hiking and trails, with kayaking, paddle boarding, and more opportunities.

Additionally, the town hosts exciting festivals and events, celebrating its culture and heritage, and offers diverse culinary delights featuring fresh seafood and local flavours.

13 Things To Do & See In Gibsons BC

These are some things to do and see in and around Gibsons, BC.

1. Molly’s Reach

When you reach — pun intended, the centre of town, Molly’s Reach will probably be the first building you see that’ll catch your eye. The distinctive yellow and blue-trimmed building is an iconic landmark for Gibsons.

Molly’s Reach was the go-to coffee diner for the hit Canadian comedy television show The Beachcombers. However, it’s a fully operational restaurant that serves excellent breakfast, fish and chips, burgers, milkshakes, and desserts.

Molly's Reach "welcome back!" restaurant in Gibsons. It's a yellow building with blue writing and accents. It sort of looks like an old style western building.

2. Breweries

Gibsons is known for a few popular breweries. Persephone Brewing Company is the most popular brewing company in Gibsons. You can also check out their chicken coop on the property.

The 101 Brewhouse and Distillery is another excellent location. Try the fish tacos, their most popular item.

Enjoy the stunning view while enjoying a beer at Tapworks Brewing Company. It’s a smaller location than the others, so it may be busier during peak hours.

3. Water Activities

Gibsons location is an excellent spot for kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders of all levels of experience to explore the nearby islands of Keats and Gambier.

Alpha Adventures is an excellent option for lessons. It’s based in Sechelt but has a Gibsons location. They offer kayak and stand-up paddleboard lessons, and they also have lessons for kids.

4. Sandy’s Bake Shoppe

Stop by Sandy’s Bake Shoppe. The small blue bakery shop sells many baked goods, from cookies to sandwiches. Their croissants, especially the chocolate and ham and cheese, were delicious.

5. Georgia Beach

A small, quiet, secluded beach in Gibsons to hang out and chill with family or friends. Picnic tables are available if you decide to bring food.

6. Hopkins Landing Pier

Are you into fishing? Hopkins Landing Pier is a great fishing spot in Gibsons. But, even if you don’t fish, the pier is an excellent spot to have lunch on a sunny day.

Hopkins Landing during a snowy day and there's a couple of inches of snow.

7. Gibsons Public Market

Are you looking for a rainy day activity? Head over to Gibsons Public Market. You can find local merchants and cafés. The market is a great place to eat and shop while listening to great music.

Gibsons Public Market is open from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM every Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays.

8. Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre

Gibsons Public Market is also home to the Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre, a collect-hold-release aquarium. This 1,200-square-foot aquarium is an excellent place for children to learn about underwater life. Over 70 different species are on display in the centre.

The aquarium is open Saturday to Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

9. Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives

Another place you can visit on a rainy day is the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives.

Learn and immerse yourself with over 9,000 photographs and documents containing the history of the Sunshine Coast and First Nations (territory of the Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) and Shíshálh (Sechelt Nation).

The museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM: closed Mondays, donations upon entry.

10. Chasters Restaurant

Chasters Restaurant is the go-to place if you’re looking for an upscale restaurant. With excellent service, seasonally selected top-notch food, and beautiful views from their patio, you’ll have a fantastic experience.

11. The Pink House Bistro

Not into fine dining? That’s okay! Head over to The Pink House Bistro — a Mediterranean restaurant with delicious meals, friendly staff, and great cocktails.

12. Barefoot Gecko Cantina Mexicana

Across the Gibsons Public Market, you’ll find Barefoot Gecko Cantina Mexicana. It’s a fantastic authentic Mexican restaurant. It should be a must-stop place to grab a couple of margaritas, enjoy its great atmosphere, and munch on chicken tacos.

13. Soames Hill

Soames Hill, aka “The Knob,” is a popular local hiking and trail spot. It’s rated easy to moderate and takes roughly an hour to complete the entire hike (approximately 40 minutes each way). It has beautiful Keats, Gambier, and Bowen Islands views.

The park has four main entrances: Bridgeman Road (the primary address), the corner of Boyle/Bridgeman Road, Esperanza Road, and Soames Road.

It typically does not matter which entrance you access; the trails eventually link up together.

However, some trails are longer than others. If you want to hike a shorter trail, enter from the Soames Road access point. Below are all the Google Map links for the locations of the trail entrances.

Google Maps – Bridgeman Road entrance
Google Maps – corner of Boyle/Bridgeman Road entrance
Google Maps – Esperanza Road entrance
Google Maps – Soames Road

There’s no parking at the Soames Road entrance. It will show a home on Google Maps. But, if you navigate Google Maps to head down the driveway, it will show the entrance to the trail.

Map of Trail – overview map of Soames Hill

💡 Note: Dogs are welcome on the trail but must always be on a leash and picked up after them. Bears and other wildlife have been seen around the park, so please be alert and cautious.

As you get closer to the top of the hill, there are stairs to climb. Trail conditions can vary due to weather conditions. Be safe and prepared. If you’re going alone, let somebody know of your whereabouts beforehand.

Exploring Things To Do Outside Of Gibsons

Here are a few other suggestions if you want to venture outside town. These are other popular locations that people like to visit when visiting Gibsons.

Roberts Creek

Roberts Creek is the halfway point between Gibsons and Sechelt. It’s another small town for outdoor water activities.


If you plan on driving outside of Gibsons to explore, only 25 minutes away, you’ll end up in the town of Sechelt.

Sechelt would be a fantastic location to tour around town. Sechelt would probably be the next “bigger town” you encounter that you can explore as there are many things to do.

The Bakery – In Sechelt

The Bakery was a spur-of-the-moment “let’s try this place out,” and we weren’t disappointed. When you walk inside, they have baked goods, coffee, and more. Grab a few bundles of cookies; they’re delicious and go pretty fast.

Three bags of cookies stacked in a clear bag and tied with a white ribbon. Two bags on the left and right are cranberry oatmeal cookies, and the one in the middle says a cowboy cookie (I forgot what was in it) they were from The Bakery in Sechelt.

Google Maps location for The Bakery.

Halfmoon Bay

If you want to explore further out of Gibsons, take a 40-minute drive to Halfmoon Bay. Halfmoon Bay is a small town with approximately 2,800 people; it’s a large scalloped bay protected by the sea because of South Thormanby Island.

Halfmoon Bay has four provincial parks where you can enjoy kayaking if you’re visiting Gibsons and are an avid kayaker. However, you can still enjoy walking along the trails if you’re not a kayaker.

Skookumchuck Narrows

Another popular hike to the Skookumchuck Narrows is to see powerful, turbulent rapids that occur twice daily. The height of rapids can reach up to three metres (nine feet) tall, carrying 200 billion gallons of water!

This spot is best known for its whirlpools and whitewater rafting. So, you can potentially see some experienced kayakers attempting the rapids.

However, it’s about an hour and a 25-minute drive from Gibsons, and then you’ll have to hike another hour to see the rapids.

On the other hand, it’s a relatively easy trail to walk on, and there’s little to no elevation change. You’ll choose which viewing points you wish you look from, Roland Point and North Point.

Timing when you want to see the best viewing times for Skookumchuck Narrows suggests having the experience of the whole rapid.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Gibsons BC

The best time to visit Gibsons is from June to August. While the summer months have the best temperature and less rain, accomodations will be more expensive, but it’s better than travelling in the rain.

How Many Days Do I Need In Gibsons?

Since Gibsons is such a small town, you’ll only need a weekend or even a day trip to travel to Gibsons.

Where To Stay In Gibsons BC

Here are a couple of places to stay in Gibsons, BC.

Bonniebrook Lodge 💎

✅ Beautiful Location
✅ Private Entrances

If you want to stay close to the water but want a relaxing getaway, stay at the Bonniebrook Lodge. A beautiful four-story, seven-suite room historic home, each room has a stunning view of either the ocean or Chasters Creek.

Chasters Restaurant is part of the Bonniebrook Lodge, so you’re guaranteed to have excellent meals while you stay here.

Gibsons Garden Hotel ⚖️

✅ Clean Rooms
✅ Indoor Pool

Gibsons Garden Hotel is the biggest hotel in Gibsons and probably the first hotel that pops up. They have amenities like a fitness centre, pool, and dry sauna.

The hotel is a seven-minute drive from the Langdale ferry terminal, close to shops and restaurants, and only a few kilometres from the water.

How To Get To Gibsons From Vancouver

Getting to Gibsons from Vancouver is relatively easy to do. And it takes little time to reach the entrance of the Sunshine Coast.

By Ferry

From Vancouver, drive along the Trans-Canada Highway 1 West towards West Vancouver. Depending on traffic, it should take approximately 25 minutes to reach the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

Once you get closer, there will be a sign to direct which way you want to go.

If you already have a reservation for the ferry ride and are driving a car, take the right-lane exit.

Take the left lane if you plan on travelling by foot or drop off. You’ll also have to purchase a ticket as well.

Ferry view of the ocean and an island in the distance. It's a cloudy day and the ocean looks like it's green. Is Gibsons worth visiting? It is! The small town has things to do and see.

Is Gibsons BC Worth Visting — FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions on whether Gibsons is worth visiting.

What Is Gibsons BC Known For

Gibsons is known as the gateway to the Sunshine Coast. It’s also best known for being the setting of the famous Canadian comedy-drama CBC TV show The Beachcombers, which ran from 1972 to 1990.

How Long Is The Ferry Ride From Gibsons To Vancouver?

It’s a 40-minute non-stop ferry ride to and from the Sunshine Coast (Langdale Ferry Terminal) to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

Do You Need A Car In Gibsons BC?

Yes and no. Of course, taking a car anywhere is more convenient. However, Gibsons was quite hilly in some locations, so if you plan on not taking a car, I would keep that in mind, especially if you plan to bike.

Another option if you don’t have a car is taking public transit. Public transit is an excellent option if you plan on travelling by foot and have made pick-up arrangements after arriving in Gibsons.


As you can see, this small town of Gibsons, BC, is worth visiting. It offers natural beauty, artistic charm, and outdoor activities. Its stunning landscapes and relaxed coastal atmosphere create an escape for everyone.

Have a good day 🙂